Engaged - Bianca + Joe, Hopeville Pond State Park, Griswold CT

Bianca and Joe had been dating nearly three years when he popped the question. As excited as I'm sure Bianca was, I was already yelling to husband saying, "GUESS WHAT!! BIANCA AND JOE ARE ENGAGED!!" When she messaged me the next day, asking for me to shoot their engagement session, I could not have been more honored; Bianca has been friends with my husband since they were teenagers, affectionately anointing him with the nickname "Sassy," (short for Sasquatch) and someone whom I have enjoyed getting to know and watch her love with Joe blossom over the course of their years together.

Besides capturing their beautiful faces over the course of our session together, I think my favorite part of my time with them happened over dinner after the session, when Joe said something so beautiful and true, I knew I would remember it for a long, long time:

"I would go to the courthouse and marry her right now, if that's what she wanted to do."