Married - Katie + Sean, Friendly Crossways Retreat Center, Harvard Massachusetts

To say I have been patiently waiting for Katie + Sean's wedding day is a little bit of an understatement. Not only are Katie and Sean a couple with an awesome sense of humor and great taste in music, they also have the most incredible family I have been lucky enough to meet. I have essentially been counting down the days until the last weekend in July, if only for the fact that I would get to see them all again!

Friendly Crossways Retreat Center provided an amazing backdrop to their day, which couldn't have fit them and their personalities any better. The retreat center has dozens of rooms that were filled with guests for their wedding, adding to the cozy and intimate nature of their wedding day. Not only the location, but the food? AMAZING! Many of the ingredients in the appetizers and main courses came right from the retreat center itself, and If I could have licked the plate clean without notice or disapproval, I very well would have.

Their day was just as laid back and fun as they are, and it was honestly SO HARD for me to think of a favorite moment from their wedding! Katie and Sean decided to read their vows to each other during their first look, which was such an amazing moment to witness. I love the private nature of first looks for this very reason, and I would love to see more couples do this. The speeches given by Katie's father, sister and brother, as well as Sean's brother spoke to who they were as individuals, and how much more complete they are when they are together (including their mutual love for lounge pants and slippers), and were one of the most touching moments I've witnessed at a wedding so far. Katie and Sean, you already know this, but you are SO lucky to have such a wonderful family who loves you so unconditionally and beautifully. I know how lucky I feel to know them, and you both, and I wish you all the best! :)