Melissa & Peter - Married, The Chanler, Newport RI

A December engagement, a June wedding. When I first met with Melissa and Peter in March, I jokingly asked them, "What's the hurry?" Their eyes met, and almost instantly they answered, "Why wait?" Immediately, I knew I would love them :)

Melissa and Peter exude a level of warm heartedness that is memorable; whereas most clients settle for a handshake or a hello, Melissa and Peter always greeted me with a warm hug and a kiss on the cheek every time we met. Their intimate ceremony was held on the balcony of their room at The Chanler Hotel in Newport, and being among their small gathering of family was a level of inclusion I have never felt as a photographer before; we are naturally made to blend in, and I was as front and center to the action as the bride and groom themselves! They truly made me feel like an extended member of their family that day, and I will never forget their absolute kindness :)