Married - Meghan + Justin, Kinney Bungalow, Narragansett Rhode Island

I have a favorite new word, and I owe it all to Meghan: "snackcident." By her definition, it's when you've eaten a snack that you shouldn't have, but it can only be defined as a "snackcident" until after the snack has been eaten in it's entirety. So was the case when I met them for their final meeting, and like any good bride should, she ordered tiramisu and a glass of wine for dinner. Incidentally, this girl is now my spirit animal.

As wedding photographers, most of the time we don't have the luxury of knowing our clients before being hired to shoot their wedding. Fortunately, I never felt like Justin and Meghan were just "clients," but more like friends in our meetings together. When I'm lucky enough to have this connection with clients, it makes for a spectacular wedding day, and theirs was no exception. On a day that was forecasted to pour, somehow, someone worked their magic and dried up the clouds just in time for Meghan and Justin's first look, which might have been one of my favorite moments from their wedding.

Their day was filled with so much love and laughter, and it was an honor to be able to capture it for them. M + J, I wish you all the best, and can't wait to see what the future has in store for you! :)