Married - Pat + Ellen, US Coast Guard Academy Chapel and Eolia Mansion at Harkness State Park, Waterford CT Wedding

It was a day filled with so many amazing moments for Pat and Ellen, and I still keep remembering all the amazing snippets of it! I was first contacted by Ellen over two years ago, when her and Pat had gotten engaged and were looking for a photographer to shoot their September wedding. The kicker was that Ellen was in Florida, and Pat was overseas, and they were planning their entire wedding both separately and out of state. Honestly, if a couple can tackle that task, they can truly get through anything! Their wedding day was only the second time I had met Ellen, and the very first time meeting Pat, but it honestly felt like I had known them and their family for much longer. Pat and Ellen have an amazing community of family and friends who were there to help them celebrate, and it made for so many amazing moments during their wedding day.

It's truly hard for me to pick one favorite moment from their day, but the one that stands out the most for me was the moment the doors to the Coast Guard Academy chapel opened to reveal her and her dad, and the entire congregation of people audibly gasped when they saw her. I had instant goosebumps, and when I turned to capture Pat's reaction, I had a really hard time holding it together. Those types of moments are the ones that stay with me long after the wedding is done, and the ones I feel so lucky to remember as I sit and look through these images. I truly appreciate every client that invites me into their circle of loved ones to document the most important day in their lives, and I know Pat and Ellen's day will always be close to my heart! :)