Married - Ruth + Chris, The Towers Narragansett, RI

I met Ruth on a cold weekend in February, and we had that instant connection I love with my brides; where the client meeting doesn't really feel like a client meeting, but like a coffee date with one of your girlfriends you've been dying to catch up with. She and I had so many things we could relate to, one of the most obvious being that her fiancé is in the Coast Guard and stationed on the west coast, as mine is about to leave to go across the world for a year in Bahrain. Being able to talk to another future military wife about the similarities and the struggles we routinely face always gives me comfort in knowing there's someone else out there who knows exactly what I'm going through! Because of their long distance situation, they were eager to tie the knot as soon as possible, and chose The Towers in Narragansett to gather their closest friends and family to witness their special day. The day was definitely highlighted by Ruth and Chris's personalities, which were always on full display, especially on the dance floor!

Definitely one of my favorite family moments was watching Ruth dance with her father. I have a soft spot for the father/daughter dance at every wedding, and to watch her father - a retired Army colonel - be filled with so much joy to twirl his daughter around on the dance floor, made me pretty emotional that day and when I went to look through my images the following day! Ruth and Chris have a literal army of wonderful friends and family, and I know wherever their journey takes them, they will always be supported by them. I wish them all the best and know they will always have a special place in my Coastie heart! :)

A photo op was necessary at The Coast Guard House!